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It’s all well and good to talk about specific examples of sacrifice in business. For every company like Grace Manufacturing (creators of the Microplane), there are many who go under or simply cease to exist. They never learned the value of sacrifice.

But what can we do in our personal lives? If we are presented with an opportunity for greater adventure and enrichment, what will we have to leave behind?


Strip yourself of the notion that everything has to meet every one of your high standards before you make a move. High standards are goals, not preconditions.  In fact, the best reason to embark on an adventure is to achieve those awesome goals you set for yourself.

And remember that physical discomfort is the least of your concerns, and the easiest to overcome.


After concern for comfort falls away, we have the responsibility to fill our days only with those activities that can help us achieve our goals. You’d be amazed how much time you can squeeze into 24 hours if you sacrifice things that don’t matter. (Hint: it’s way more than you thought). It all comes back to learning how to say No. We’re not just after opportunities for novelty’s sake, we need the right opportunities, the adventures that enrich us.

Any adventure in which you will be comfortable 100% of the time is not the right opportunity. They’re not worth sacrificing your time.

Your Self

This is where things really get personal. When I talk about the self, I’m referring to those aspects of our character we would rather not see when we look in the mirror. Our pride, our greed… anything that momentarily stimulates us at the expense of permanent fulfillment has to go.

We can fool ourselves into thinking we could work under any conditions, that we hold no biases, and that we would devote however much time is required – at any time day or night – to reach our goals. But if we still have pride we won’t achieve any goals worth reaching.

Remember that ambition is a vital part of the ego. Yet having a big ego with little ambition is like a giant beach ball that blocks out the sun. People with big egos overshadow everything around them, but they have no substance and their actions carry no force. If they sacrifice any part of themselves, they lose everything (that’s pride).

Instead, we want the reverse… something solid and stable but also unobtrusive….

Like a cannonball.

Sacrifice your comfort and submit to having a fire lit under your ass. It’s in your nature to leave comfort behind and fly to the target.

Let people underestimate you even as you exceed their highest expectations.

Your sacrifice makes you unstoppable.

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