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The other day I was speaking with a client whose last name was, literally, “Awesome.” I half-jokingly remarked that with a name like that, her career path was pretty much set: she was destined to do something incredible.

After the call I kept thinking to myself what it means to be Awesome, and how we could all point ourselves in that direction. Not many of us have it written into our names, but we all have it etched in our hearts.

  1. Be relentlessly, pro-actively optimistic: You’re always making life better.
  2. Keep learning, and learning, and learning… and share what you learn.
  3. Combine these two, and you’ll be on your way to newfound superpowers.

There have been times when each of us has felt the sting of anxiety and bewilderment. The kind that comes with thinking we’re not good enough / smart enough / fast enough or even “enough” of anything that matters to do what we need to thrive. One negative thought leads to another, and pretty soon we’re running away from Awesome at full speed.

Let’s all give each other permission to slow down, stop, and then start walking back towards the light. Do you see others panting, bent over double gasping for breath like they’ve just escaped from a man-eating tiger? Lift them up and walk with them. Give each other the strength to start running once again.

Think running is too hard? Perhaps you might prefer to stroll towards Awesome instead. Or perhaps…

Hugh Herr lost both his legs to frostbite in a mountain climbing accident when he was 17. From that point on, he changed his life in amazing ways that will forever touch everyone on the planet. From the moment he woke up there was no pity, no regret… and no stopping him.

Awesome is a moving target. We can never hope to arrive by taking our time.

Run for your life.


When I was rock climbing regularly, I used to wake up at 5:30 to make it to the gym by 6:00… where I would climb for an hour before driving to work. Exhausted yet giddy, I usually made myself a smoothie similar to this one by Wellness Mama. The egg yolks and gelatin are crucial here; I would recommend this to anyone after a workout or recovering from injury.