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“Do something every day that scares you.”

Over the weekend I donated blood with the Red Cross and then, a few hours later, I went to confession with my parish priest.

When we are called to serve, how often do we excuse ourselves or put if off for another day? When we stumble and fall, how often do we hide it inside, for fear that others would think less of us?

I’m putting this out there because I’ve failed both of these tests many times. But today’s my day. Will you make it yours?

Be willing to sacrifice your comfort, your strength, your self for something greater.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


No pain, no gain… right? Tell that to yourself as the sweat just pours off your forehead, thanks to Habanero Salsa from San Diego Chef Deborah Schneider. Personally, I’d switch out agave for raw honey, but either way… be careful.