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The clock is ticking.

There is only one thing I can say that applies to everyone in the same measure:

In one year, we will all be one year older.

We often get stuck on believing that we have to do something IMMENSE right now. The outrageous is difficult to accomplish even with a team of focused, driven, like-minded souls in the space of a year, let alone by yourself overnight.

Do you put off the extraordinary in favor of the status quo? What is extraordinary is not necessarily outrageous and terrifying. The extra-ordinary is just that little “extra” beyond what we already know.

Make something extra, and make it better.

This is not a blank check to run yourself ragged in the act of “doing.” It matters what type of “extra” you’re willing to contribute, but not nearly as much as the fact that you contribute at all.

Before your head hits the pillow, know what you’re going to make when you wake up. Will it be extra-ordinary… or excuse-me?



Toasted Hazelnut Coconut Butter is even more delicious than it sounds, and making a recipe with only two ingredients… means no excuses. What’s your favorite “extra?”